Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

LFV provides tax planning and tax return preparation for all industries.  

This includes the following tax returns:

  • Individuals including any state tax returns needed
  • Partnerships
  • “S” and “C” Corporations
  • Estate Income and Trust
  • Condominiums and housing associations
  • Cooperative Housing Corporations (Co-Op’s)
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Gift and Estate Asset
  • Foreign compliance returns including FinCEN 114a (FBAR)

Our services include tax planning, tax projection and tax compliance work in providing a wholistic approach to your tax related needs.  Throughout our process we can review proper tax entity classifications, discussion of tax benefits of employee benefit plans, coordination of tax planning between businesses and owners, advice & assistance with due diligence regarding business sales, purchase, mergers and other similar activities, tax efficiency of investments and any other tax related needs you or your business may need.  We are able to represent clients with any IRS or state tax audits including working directly with the auditors.  We can work with other professionals on your team including estate attorneys to make sure your estate plan is setup in a tax efficient manner and best suits your needs.